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Jayme Cox


Andrew Cocking

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew has been an avid entrepreneur since 2012. He first began buying and reselling Minecraft servers for a profit. That then turned to freelance web development services before the demand exceeded his supply. He brought the first employees on board and SR Media Canada was born. From there, things kept growing and growing.

Randall Lackey

Chief Operating Officer

Randy first joined SRM Gaming in 2018 as one of the very first streamers. He quickly progressed through the ranks of management eventually landing himself the role of COO. In January of 2019, he joined SRM Gaming’s parent company, SRM International, as the VP of Digital Business. 

Kolton Miller

Senior Vice President

Kolton has been involved with SRM International since March of 2016. Initially starting off as a Director of PR & Communications at SR Media Canada, he quickly rose through the ranks landing himself a position as the Senior Vice President of Operations for all of SRM International. He has obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations from the University of British Columbia.

Carrie DaSilva

Vice President of Operations

Carrie DaSilva graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Design. She has been a gamer since she was about 5 years old, all starting with a PlayStation 1 as a present from her father. Since then, she’s been focusing on Unreal Engine design and development, and learning 3D art skills to further her experience in the industry.

Carrie’s currently working at SRM Gaming as VP of Operations. She is responsible for overseeing all departments and ensuring that there is a steady flow between tasks and completion, fixing and improving processes, conflict resolution, project management, documentation creation and management, and more. She hopes to continue growing with our organization, and being a productive member in our growing gaming family.

Christian "ccrusher1" Tague

Content Director

Christian Tague has been involved in content creation for 5 years. He has been a part of DVS Gaming, Frostbyte eSports, and Valor Uprise. At SRM Gaming, he is responsible for our content creation team, which includes YouTubers and Twitch Streamers.

Brandon Moore

Esports Director

Brandon is the Esports Director for SRM Gaming.

Brandon “Mothman” Moore is a dad, a husband, a writer, and a gamer. He has competitive experience across many games and experience in several different facets of esports that spans years.

Brandon is the Esports Director for SRM Gaming.

Nick Clause

Recruitment Director

Nick is the Recruitment Director for SRM Gaming.

Temperistic has competed in 3 Major League Gaming live tournaments, multiple Gamebattles online tournaments, multiple PGL tournaments, and multiple ESL tournaments. During this time he focused most of his training on Halo, though he turned to other games like Call of Duty & Hearthstone after the Halo scene diminished.

Paige Lee

Content Manager

My names Paige, I go by pjdoctor: pj are my initials and the doctor part is my childhood dream of being a doctor. I’ll be starting college in my hometown in Indiana soon and continuing my education towards my dream. The gaming world will always be an experience that I can’t let go of. The everyday advancements and entertaining community is something I greatly enjoy and love seeing the growth in people as well as the community.

Nathan Hart

Esports Manager

Nathan has been involved in the Esports scene for 3 years. He has worked for multiple renowned esports organizations such as Artic Esports and Obey Alliance. At SRM Gaming, he is responsible for Event and Tournament Coordination as well as processing Esports Applications.

Michael Patton

Esports Manager

Michael has been part of competitive game for 10+ years whether it is from competing or managing teams. He been part of multiple different organizations as a founder or co-founder. He has experience and is bringing it to SRM Gaming in order to help this become a top tier organization. He wants to help as many people out as I can along the way in his path in competitive gaming. He is very happy to be here and part of this organization. He is very hands on with eSports Management, he likes to get to know people and interact with players to get the best feel for the organization. Being professional is a very big key for the teams he works with.

Roxanne Walker

Recruitment Manager

Roxanne Walker has been in the esports industry for five years. She’s worked in promotions, recruiting, social media administrator, and streaming management. At SRM Gaming, she works in Recruitment Department.



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